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Im so glad you stopped by! Hi Im Deyla! I own The Apex Studio and I'm thrilled to know creatives like yourself are looking at this space to create something incredible. I look forward to hosting you and your team and welcome you!

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My Story

I am a creative like you that was on the search for the perfect space to photograph, create and meet with my clients. I wanted a space that poured natural light through the windows, tall ceilings and secure. I had a dream to own such a studio that I could also share with other creatives like myself to create a space that  welcomed the visionary. I met Kimberli; the original owner of The Apex and she welcomed me in to the studio which then turned into full ownership of the studio as she passed on the reign. 

I have been a photographer for 19 years, photographing 100's of weddings throughout the United States, and photograph fashion and commercial. As I build The Apex Studio into what I have envisioned all of my life, I would like to welcome you to create and dream!


I would love to connect or give you a tour!


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