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Our new Curvy Sexy Sofa

This chic and modern Curved Sofa is sure to add the perfect touch of style to your photo or video shoot!

Its sleek curves and Bucle fabric will give your shoot a luxurious and sophisticated feel. Plus, it is available with all reservations, making it the perfect addition to any shoot. .

Creative rental space
Centrally located at the incredible The New York building
Bride and Groom 105.jpg

Why the Apex Studio?


A safe, private, 1200 sq/ft space all to yourself.  Central location with panoramic views of the city, the west hills, and Fremont Bridge.  Corner unit with the best light in The New York Building.  Huge banks of windows facing southwest and east.  Designated covered parking space, freight and passenger elevators or stairs.  24/7 secured building, high-speed internet, bike storage, showers, big bathrooms.  Opening windows, HVAC filtration vents to the outside.  Frequent professional cleaning!

Perfect for photographers, videographers, editors, writers, makers, executives, and more. 

Wide variety of items included or available to add with each rental or membership.

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